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A.S. Calisthenics

2021, Logo Design and Branding

A.S. Calisthenics is a personal training business that had no branding or logo prior to my involvement. 
This was a casual project with plenty of creative freedom and room for growth.


A.S. Calisthenics is owned by a man has a clientele of mostly men.

No Shame

A.S. Calisthenics takes pride in being judgement free and welcoming. 


Calisthenics is a form of strength training involving gymnastic-like exercises.


Hardstyle is a type of electronic music and is symbolized by hazard symbols.

Icons and Colors

Personalized icons, including a car rim, bpm symbol, and lightning bolt, were designed for Instagram story highlight usage. The icons also support the visual aspects of the brand. 

Red was requested for the brand. I provided 4 color combinations to be paired with red. The combinations provided are vibrant and electric to compliment the energy and personality of the client. We moved forward with red and pink.

final logo@3x.png


When choosing colors for A.S. Calisthenic's branding, I wanted the colors to feel electric, vibrant, and masculine. Choosing a bright magenta to be paired with the red brought up an issue that I should have considered earlier. The business cards were printed using a CMYK process, so the vibrant magenta fell flat and dull. To keep the colors consistent, I imagine a spot color must be used. Because this client/business is new and small at the moment, this isn't a big issue but I will take this as a lesson and will consider this for future printing projects.

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